River’s Hundred Acre Wood.

River is in love with Winnie the Pooh, who she has so lovingly nicknamed, “Honey.”

It all started while we were in Vegas in April for a dear friend’s wedding, when we took the kids into a Disney outlet store and let them each pick a small something. River had something in her hand that she had decided on, and when we brought a little Pooh bear to her, she threw whatever it was she had originally chosen on the floor and embraced him.

On the ridiculously long drive home from that trip, she and the big babies watched theĀ Winnie the Pooh Movie on repeat for a few hours. Now, it’s her go to. And she sings along, and recites lines from the movie. Anyway, a Pooh party was a given when it came time to plan her party.

So here it is, River’s Hundred Acre Wood party.

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